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AutoCAD: Building Add-ins with C#

AutoCAD & C# Video Course

Many companies work to customize Autodesk AutoCAD products to suit their business needs and enhance their overall productivity. In this course, learn how to extend AutoCAD functionality by building a library of functions using the .NET AutoCAD API and C#. Using Visual Studio Community 2017 and AutoCAD 2019, instructor Josh Modglin helps you create a project and build commands that incorporate a graphic user interface. Josh goes over basic C# functionality, discusses how to work with application and database properties, and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating a project using the Autodesk Wizard
  • Creating classes, command routines, and functions
  • Basic C# functionality, including conditions and strings
  • Working with AutoCAD application properties
  • Working with database properties
  • Working with transactions and table records
  • Getting a user-specified point and distance
  • Creating and inheriting a base class object
  • Creating a window interface



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