Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the top enterprise Linux distributions—and Red Hat Certified System Administrator is one of the top Linux certifications. The RHCSA certification is required for many entry-level jobs and a prerequisite for all Red Hat higher-level exams. Use these study tips to earn your certification and become more proficient in Linux administration.

Instructor Grant McWilliams covers network and internet services administration, kernel management, and intrusion prevention. He shows how to make your systems more efficient with virtualization, manage users and groups, and lock everything down with SELinux mandatory access control. Plus, get access to 25 PDF “cheat sheets” and 100 practice questions so you can solidify and test your knowledge.

Topics include:

  • Installing Linux on a physical machine
  • Managing systemd services
  • Managing reoccurring jobs with cron
  • Limiting system access
  • Configuring networking
  • Creating, editing, and moving files and directories
  • Analyzing text with grep and regular expressions
  • Installing software and packages
  • Managing the kernel
  • Managing users, accounts, and groups
  • Setting permissions
  • Using access control lists
  • Securing Linux with SELinux
  • Accessing Linux remotely
  • Configuring local storage

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