Functional Programming in Go [Video]

Code less and develop applications faster in Go by applying functional programming techniques. Be productive

Go as a language has proven to be an excellent tool for engineering large software projects. What makes Go stand out is its simplicity, productivity, and practicality when it comes to building large-scale applications. With the functional paradigm, you can do this faster, better, and effectively. This is why the time is right to go for this course.

This course immediately gets you started with Go’s functional principles. Covering high-order functions, immutability, evaluation, best practices, and testing, this content-heavy course is what you need in your library right now. Start using functional programming features in the future without sacrificing readiness or code simplicity.

By the end of the course, your mind will have been opened to a new paradigm, making you a better Go programmer.

The code bundle for this video course is available at

Style and Approach

This video adopts a real-world, step-by-step approach to teach you Go’s functional paradigm.

What You Will Learn

  • Effective ways to apply functional programming in Go
  • Write safe, error-resistant concurrent code
  • Use high-order functions
  • Build immutable data structures
  • Apply popular functional design patterns in Go
  • Use functional Go in toy projects
  • Easily test your functional Go code
  • Use streams, closures, and monads to build functional code


Erkid Hoxholli

Erkid Hoxholli was born in a small town in Albania. Since he was a kid he has been really keen on technology and computers. At a young age, he showed a passion for building electric toy cars and, when he got his first computer, he started to develop 3D environments in Blender. Later on, he found that programming could give him the power to change the world, build interesting projects, and give life to wonderful ideas. Since then, he has been programming by using his skills to build high-performance microservices and API’s. He has been programming professionally for more than six years and, before that, he engaged in hobby projects such as building video games or customizing Linux OSes.

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Erkid currently works as a consultant at Rossmann which is a German company. He also teaches web development to a number of groups in Tirana, Albania. He loves teaching other people while giving examples and tips from his experience on the way. His favourite programming languages for building backend services and API’s are Go and JavaScript with Node. Besides that, he likes to build user-friendly and minimalist User Interfaces in React and Mobx. In the course of his professional experience, he has worked with startups in New Jersey and Toronto, building high-performance backend services for apps in the real estate and food sharing fields. In his free time, he studies machine learning and tries to implement recent research papers in this field. His goal is to work as an Autonomous Vehicle Engineer for a car company or robotics, combining his programming skills with machine learning. He loves camping, traveling, and cars. In his free time, he is studying machine learning and trying to build cool CNN’s. He likes to learn new and interesting things by experimenting, so he and his brother together can build an autonomous electric car from scratch.



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