Mastering Tableau 2018.1, Second Edition [Video]

Find new opportunities in your business that you have never seen before by learning advanced data analytics with Tableau

Tableau has brought the world of visual analytics within the reach of many nonplussed by Excel charts and graphs. But after acquiring the basic skills, there is a learning curve that gets in the way of using Tableau to its full potential.

This course will give you the tools to use Tableau to its fullest and make optimal business decisions with rich analytics. If you want to be more feature-ready to use Tableau and perform effective data visualizations and analysis, then this course is for you. After taking this course, you will be confident enough to use advanced Tableau features and other tools. You will develop the skills to perform in-depth analyses for effective business decision making. Your skills will no longer be at an intermediate level; you will now be a master of data analysis using Tableau. You will be able to connect to data sources; summarize data; and create, manipulate, and share data visualizations including highlight tables, charts, scatter-plots, histograms, maps, dashboards, and more.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build useful, thoughtful, and beautiful visualizations that will help you make databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people.

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Style and Approach

We use a step-by-step, hands-on, practical approach to build on your knowledge of Tableau. The course covers advanced topics to help you master Tableau and includes examples and business case studies.


What You Will Learn

  • Build advanced chart types into your visualizations
  • Apply advanced calculations for further insights into data
  • Use spatial data to build maps based on custom geocodes
  • Pull multiple data sources into Tableau using joins
  • Explore the use of sets to analyze a subset of data
  • Build advanced analysis that leverages statistics and other analytic tools
  • Format your work by incorporating visualization best practices
  • Build dashboards and stories that can be shared with external audiences


Siddharth Pawar

Siddharth Pawar has been a Data Visualization Consultant for over 4 years (3 commercially), creating dashboards, Web portals for data visualization repositories, and mobile dashboards. He is a Certified Tableau 10 Qualified Associate and has a lot of experience with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, SQL Server, Excel, and Big Data Hive. Teaching people and sharing knowledge are his real passions and he really enjoys providing information that is not accessible anywhere else.

He has been working with the Tableau product family for more than four years, specifically designing and developing advanced analytics dashboards and stories for high-level, key parameter indices that directly answer complex business questions associated with multiple Fortune 500 companies. He has also worked on sophisticated analytical frameworks that add value in addressing requirements. In addition, he has been heavily involved in next-generation data visualization development using web technologies and Tableau Desktop/Server.



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