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RHCE Cert Prep: Web Servers and DNS using Apache, NGINX, and BIND

RHCE Cert Prep Video Tutorial: Web Servers and DNS using Apache, NGINX, and BIND

Study to pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam—the benchmark certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This installment of the RHCE Cert Prep series covers web server and DNS configuration and management. Instructor Grant McWilliams shows how to configure a caching-only web server using BIND, the open-source DNS software, and set up and secure an Apache web server. Then he shows how to use basic authentication to create a password-protected website and a private site for group collaboration. Next, learn how to create standard virtual hosts as well as those using nonstandard ports, and secure hosts with SSL and TLS. Finally, get an introduction to NGINX, the open-source web server that’s taken world by storm, and find out how to create virtual hosts with this popular Apache alternative.

Topics include:

  • Installing DNS clients
  • Using host, nslookup, and dig
  • Name resolution
  • DNS roles
  • Configuring DNS
  • Apache web server features
  • Apache commands and access control
  • Configure Apache and virtual hosts
  • Securing virtual hosts with SSL and TLS
  • Running CGI scripts in Apache
  • Configuring NGINX server blocks


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