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Running Jenkins on AWS

Running Jenkins on AWS Video Course

Learn how to create and move a master instance of Jenkins to the cloud-based servers of AWS (Amazon Web Services). This course covers steps for setting up, connecting with webhooks, using a deployment service, and shutting down AWS resources. First, see how to create a master instance of Jenkins, including how to configure services and manage credentials. Next, find out how add roles and security groups. Then, watch how to deploy using Elastic Beanstalk. Finally, learn about stopping or removing AWS resources.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Jenkins master instance
  • Installing Java, Jenkins, and NGINX
  • Creating SMTP credentials for SES
  • Planning a build environment
  • Creating roles, groups, and key pairs
  • Creating a build server
  • Connecting a master instance to a build server
  • Planning a CI/CD pipeline
  • Creating a GitHub repository for application code
  • Deploying to Elastic Beanstalk from GitHub
  • Adding email notifications
  • Removing AWS resources


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