[TeamTreeHouse] Unity Basics

[TeamTreeHouse] Unity Basics

157-minute Game Development Course

About this Course

The Unity game engine allows for cross-platform game development through its robust API and intuitive graphical user interface. However, with so many great tools available, it can be overwhelming at first.

In this course, you’ll get a broad overview of the Unity editor interface and learn how to use tools like the Console, which can help you debug game code when things go wrong. You’ll also learn about key concepts like Unity’s component-based architecture, prefabs, and how to use the documentation properly.

By the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of foundational concepts in Unity.

What you’ll learn

  • The Unity interface
  • Key concepts in Unity
  • Unity debugging tools

The 3D Views

The Scene view and the Game view provide windows into your game’s world. In the Scene view, you can manipulate game objects and place them in 3D space. The Game view provides a preview of your game.

Assets and Game Objects

There are several windows in Unity that can help you manage game assets in your project and game objects in your scene. They are the Hierarchy, the Project panel, the Inspector, and the Asset Store.

Lights, Audio, and Animation

Some of the more advanced features of Unity include lighting, audio, and animation. Each of these areas is a deep topic, but this overview will help you build the foundation necessary for future learning.

Debugging Games

When creating games and writing computer code, it’s common for things to go wrong – usually when something is wrong with a piece of software, it’s called a bug. Fortunately, there are several tools in Unity that can help you debug your games, fix problems, and improve performance.

Key Concepts in Unity



There are several major concepts that govern how Unity works. Understanding these basic underpinnings will help you grasp advanced concepts more easily.

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