This is sad…

From: uKnOWn

SubjectIf My Udemy Course Here

Message BodyHi, I want to launch my first course on Udemy. I hope it can helps my income. But how if my course uploaded here? Can I ask you to remove it? Because I very hope can make money from this platform. Thanks!

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Team-FCN replies~

Sure, go ahead, we don’t spread any newly posted courses from udemy at FCN, but once they reach a good amount of student enrollments, then yes, we do have an eye on that course.

We do care about the authors at udemy and stealing from them won’t make any fortune at FCN. But once they earn a good amount of money from their course enrollments, then we think it’s not a big stone on our hearts to post the course at FCN.

He who opens a school door, closes a prison. – Victor Hugo

  • And we are not pirates! As you’ve heard,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

  • And we think it should be free at some point in life.

All the courses you see posted at FCN or at Forum… All credit goes to the hardworking course creators and their authors. If you want to help us, then please, do buy from udemy itself, if you’re capable to do so.

We’re sorry, because we “FCN” made you think twice before making some sort of money at udemy. Piracy isn’t good, we know that, but there are people who actually cannot afford these kinda digital source of education and FCN is for those people only.