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How It Works: Laravel Middleware [TutsPlus]

How It Works: Laravel Middleware [TutsPlus]

There are lots of times we need to run a bit of code before or after a request is made to a web server. For example, we might need to authenticate a certain route, or we might want to log requests. That’s where Laravel middleware comes in!

In this Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Matthew Machuga will show you how middleware works, how it flows through an application, and how to create middleware of your own.

If you haven’t used Laravel before, why not check out our full course and learn Laravel 5: Get Started With Laravel 5. If you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Laravel, build on your experience with these courses:

How It Works: Laravel Middleware [TutsPlus]

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Lumen is the fast new PHP micro-framework from the Laravel project. It allows you to use the power of Laravel, including the Eloquent ORM and features such as routing, middleware and validation, with the flexibility and low overhead of a micro-framework.

If you like Laravel, or just want to use a cutting-edge server-side platform for writing microservices and REST APIs, Lumen is a great choice.

Created by Matthew Machuga
Last updated 12/2016

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